May 4, 2011


The weather is starting to warm up in New York.  Yesterday it was 80 degrees; Hooray!  Before it's time to start blasting the AC, though, sometimes it's only warm enough to warrant a light breeze in the room.  Indoor fans often hit that spot, bringing fresh air in from an open window and circulating it around the room.  Fresh & breezy, baby.

But table fans and floor fans are often unattractive and distracting.  It can be a hunt to find something that works with your decor, no matter your style.  There are a surprising amount of good options available, and a simple search for something a bit more unique than the common Sunbeam monster that we all know can bring these beauties:
Vintage.  Handsome.  Classic.  Yes, please.

Item image
eBay is a great source for true vintage items like these. 

WindChaser DT12M SilverWind 12 Inches Table Fan
Streamline style.  Very aeronautical.  Chrome is a good finish for a piece like this; it feels like its about to take flight!
Retro.  Very cute and slightly feminine. 

Soleus Air FT1-20-10 8 Inch Soft Blade Table Fan
The blades on this fan are soft rubber.  No harm to kiddies or pets.  Sort of modern Star-Trek chic, don't you think?

Um, no.

The Otto wood-framed fan looks vintage but is a modern machine with 3-speeds and adjustable feet.  I own this piece and am constantly complimented on the looks of this sophisticated little number.

Dyson 18144-01 Bladeless Table Fan 10" - White/Silver
The Dyson Bladeless table fan.   BladeLESS?  How does that work?
This Dyson guy is a some kind of wizard, like if Harry Potter was a mechanical engineer.

Enjoy the breeze kids.

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