Sep 22, 2011

The Miller House

During my stay in Lexington last week, I was floored to see the Miller House in person on a sunny morning. 

This amazing modern residential structure was designed and built by Le Corbusier protégé José Oubrerie, who was was dean of the University of Kentucky School of Architecture when he designed the Miller House in 1988 for his clients Robert and Penny Miller.  After Mr. Miller passed away, Penny sold the house and its surrounding 20 acres in 2006.

The facades of the Miller House are composed of a thin, cast-in-place concrete screen that wraps around several painted-wood inner structures: One surface is a simple grid of interlocking slabs; another has small vertical and horizontal slits. Inside, the house features an irregular composition of three two-floor living spaces—each with its own bedroom, bath, office, and independent entrance. Built-in cabinetry echoes the facades’ interlocking forms.  The Miller has been described as one of the finest residences of the 20th century.

In 2007, after sitting empty and dormant, intruders entered the vacant property several times painting graffiti, breaking windows, and knocking in much of the interior plaster work.  Oubrerie was heartbroken to visit the home and see the $300,000+ in damages.  What in the hell is wrong with people???

Thankfully, later that year, the Miller House was purchased by the Foundation for Advanced Architecture, whose first mission was the restoration of the Miller House and create an educational laboratory for students of architecture. 

But it appears as thought the Foundation lost their way, as the house is currently for sale again.  When I visited last week, the property was in pristine 'showing' condition, with brochures and maps seen in the front hall.  I would have called for a viewing to see the interior and explore more of this unique space, but why waste anyone's time, I'm not buying it.  And, besides, we can just watch Neon Indian's video to get a groovy perspective on this modern behemoth.



Sep 20, 2011

The Things I Would Do ...

... if this was my house.  Mmmmm.

Mount Vernon, near Alexandria, VA, on the banks of the Potomac River.  
The estate was the plantation home of George Washington, the 1st President of the United States.

Sep 17, 2011

Bye Bye Bluegrass

Leaving Lexington after a fantastic week in this fantastic city. The Guest Bedroom quick-n-cheap room makeover was a success! Below is a quick peek (just downloaded the Blogger app for iPhone and can't figure out how to insert photo mid-post, it's below my signature).
More photos with a thrift bargaining tutorial to be posted tomorrow!


Sep 15, 2011

Hunting for Vintage

Been having a great time in Lexington, shopping the amazing vintage stores in town, and finding some amazing antique resources off the beaten path, too.

I've been redecorating a Guest Bedroom on a slim budget and blink-and-its-here deadline, so thrift stores have been my No. 1 source for unique furnishings and accessories for this room.  I've had a blast meeting many of the shop owners and salespeople at Lexington's thrift and secondhand shops, among them are the staff at Uncle Ray Jay's Furniture ReSellers, Room Service, Scout, Feather My Nest, Another Man's Treasure, and about 5 different Goodwill shops. 

But my absolute favorite shop discovery has been Street Scene, a fabulously put-together vintage boutique.  I walked in the store (which is so unassuming from the exterior), and nearly fainted at the girlie retro wonder of it all.  The store is arranged in half a dozen themed vignettes, with clothing, fashion accessories, furniture and home accessories staged to retro perfection.  It was as if Etsy morphed into a storefront and enveloped me into its well-curated quirkiness.  I whipped out my iPhone and used my favorite app, Camera+, to capture some of the goodness and share here.

Cute little kitchenette vignette!
And, are you kidding me with that chair? It was meticulously recovered in soft red gingham. YES!

A Halloween-themed vignette with 70s furniture and tons of gilded frames on the wall.

Another Halloween-y vignette near the men's clothing section.  Lots of vintage cool men's hats, btw.

The back of the shop, which is huge and so pristine, you'd think all the items were brand spanking new. 

You know I almost convulsed at the sight of all this glassware. 
Too bad I didn't bring an extra suitcase on my trip to fill with these goodies..  I love cocktail glassware!!!

A dressmaker's form was recovered in peacock blue satin and is used to display an insane amount of brooches and pins.  Steal this idea for your boudoir!
I really, REALLY loved this campaign-style bamboo tray table.  Wouldn't it make a fabulous nightstand?  And how rad are those plaid pillows?!

This table lamp is so haute. 

Bins filled with decorative handles, pulls, knobs and finials. 
And with prices much cheaper than that store that rhymes with Quanthropologie.

I die.  This patio furniture set would be so cute in a kitchen. 
And all those tabletop goodies are totally Mrs. Roper cool.

If you're in the Lexington area, you must check out Street Scene.  There's a treasure at every step in this shop, and the ladies on staff were so sweet and super stylish.  They recommended some of the other vintage shops that I visited this week (and mentioned above), and were so gracious while I gushed about their fab shop.  I didn't buy anything for the Guest Room makeover, but I managed to buy a purse for myself.  How does that always seem to happen?!? I was there with only 20 minutes before I had a meeting, so I couldn't shop for too long, but I'm going back before I leave town! 


Sep 13, 2011

Oh, hey.



Hello Hello! 

Sometimes $10.48 can make a big difference in a small place.

Sep 11, 2011

Sep 10, 2011

Gettin' Lucky in...

This morning I'm hopping on a plane for a week in Kentucky.

I'll be doing some work for a wonderful Lexington family who I love.

I'll be antique shopping (& bargaining!) all over the Bourbon Trail. 


 And perhaps buy myself a thoroughbred at the Keeneland September Sale.

I'll be sure to take pics of my adventures and blog about the Bluegrass!!!   


Sep 9, 2011

Getting Excited... and Elegant Living

I'm getting excited for the Antiques, Art & Design Show at the Armory!  Got my postcard reminder (and free admission for 2!) in the mail, and am marking my calendar!  I get so much inspiration at the Armory shows.  The cream of the crop bring their very best wares to present an insightful & stimulating display of the loveliest things you'd ever seen.  Can't wait!

Go HERE for details on the show. 

And, today is my amazing, wonderful, awesome mother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I have learned more from you than any design school, art show, history lecture or cooking class could ever teach about the art of elegant living.  You are my hero!

Sep 8, 2011

Crewel Hearted

I am always drawn to a good crewel.  Crewel embroidery is a surface stitch, usually with wool yarns on a hearty base material, like cotton or sturdy linen.  The needlework technique is at least a thousand years old.  And, it rocks my socks off.

Chairs upholstered in a regal Jacobean crewel by Suzanne Kasler via Traditional Home via tartanscot

Some intricate crewel-ty. Get it?!?! Crewel-ty!?!?!

via Parker Sims

Animal Farm Crewel by Brunschwig & Fils via House Beautiful

Huberta Crewel by Clarence House

via Elle Decor

vintage English crewel tapestry
Claremont Crewel by F Schumacher

Great crewel fabric on Jenny's ottoman!

Oscar de la Renta Crewel for Lee Jofa
The Natural Shade Co via Little Green Notebook
 Jardin Crewel by Lee Jofa

by White Webb via Luster Interiors blog

Camp Wilder Crewel by Fabricut

And my favorite use of crewel: as a wall upholstery!
by Jill Sharp Brinson via House Beautiful

Love, love, LOVE this space!
by Jill Sharp Brinson via House Beautiful

Hope you have an upcoming project full of Crewel Intentions!  (Yikes, these puns are dorky.)
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