Sep 9, 2011

Getting Excited... and Elegant Living

I'm getting excited for the Antiques, Art & Design Show at the Armory!  Got my postcard reminder (and free admission for 2!) in the mail, and am marking my calendar!  I get so much inspiration at the Armory shows.  The cream of the crop bring their very best wares to present an insightful & stimulating display of the loveliest things you'd ever seen.  Can't wait!

Go HERE for details on the show. 

And, today is my amazing, wonderful, awesome mother's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I have learned more from you than any design school, art show, history lecture or cooking class could ever teach about the art of elegant living.  You are my hero!

1 comment:

Donna said...

You give me too much credit, Whitney. You were born to design for yourself and others....

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