Sep 5, 2011

Art of the Labor Unions

As we celebrate Labor Day and the economic social contributions of workers throughout the history of our nation, I look at the graphic art created during the 20th century for labor unions' campaigns & uniforms.  No matter how you might feel about unionized labor systems, you must admit their seals are pretty vintage cool.

Happy Labor Day to all.  In the end, we're all workers (unionized or not) and we deserve a small acknowledgement to the efforts we put forth each day in the form of a day off.  I'll toast to that.

Still, Labor Day marks the end of Summer.  The beginning of football season.  And the hibernation of your white pants.  It's a goodbye to the comfort and celebration of vacation season.  A new schoolyear.  An ironically-timed day off in thanks for your hard work before its seems that hard work is all that's in front of you for the next 9 months.  Oh brother...

And if you ask me, go ahead and keep wearing your white pants; they look great with a black merino turtleneck. 

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