Apr 13, 2012

Weird. Scary. Cool. Delightful.

The wonderful online antiques resource 1stdibs always brings me joy.  Whether I'm salivating over pristine English furniture or Aubusson carpets, I always have a great time on the site.  

But sometimes the joy comes from gawking at the unusual pieces that catch my attention and make me smile wide.  
amazing articulated vertebrae Desk lamp
Animal vertebrae.  It's a desk lamp

Sexy Lucite Wardrobe Chest
Huge lucite wardrobe chest.  Put your things away, but never lose sight of them.
c. 1940's Fred Johnson Signed Sideshow Banner
Circus banner from 1940s.  A five-legged horse?!?
Life-Sized Metal Monkey Sculpture
Life-size monkey sculpture in welded steel.  A terrifying conversation piece.  
set of 7 crochet educational charts on original dowels
Educational chart of crochet techniques.  A set of 7.

Pair of Michelin Men
Pair of Michelin Men. Ummm, these are so creepy, they're cool.

Late 19th Century Prosthetic Hand with Leather Glove
Prosthetic hand from the late 19th century.  Leather glove included, because who wants a naked prosthetic hand?   
Delight yourself sometime by browsing the 'Other Categories' section of the site.  1stdibs presents more than 1,200 dealers' wares.  Many of these weird wares get me thinking of a room that I want to design around one item.  For example, how awesome would it be to have that huge metal monkey standing in the center of a foyer, greeting homeowners and freaking out guests.  Love it!

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