Jul 25, 2011

A Still Life

I've been away.  Have you noticed?  I'm out of the hideous heat wave, away from my City.  Not that I'm bragging.  But, really, I kind of am bragging. 

During my travels, waiting at various airport terminals, I developed a hardcore crush on the iPhone app Camera+.  It's a photography dummy's best friend forever, and ever ever.  Developed by a a brilliant team of technicians and photographers, the program allows me to take pics on my iPhone and tweak them afterwards, as if I had masterly planned out the aperture and exposure settings beforehand.  Pretty darn nifty. 

Below are three pictures of the same scene, with three different post-treatments. 

Limestone. Avocados. Lemons. Peaches. Limes. CLARITY treatment.

Limestone. Avocados. Lemons. Peaches. Limes. VIBRANT treatment.

Limestone. Avocados. Lemons. Peaches. Limes. SUNKISS'D treatment.

This still life is what I'm doing this week.  Photographing it.  Drinking it.  And, probably eating it.

1 comment:

Lisa B (Abroad at Home) said...

I am really loving your blog! Now I am obsessed with Camera+, so thanks for sharing. I will be using it a lot!

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