Jul 5, 2011

Sketch Much?

I was chatting with friends this weekend about school supplies.  Truly it was the only good part about going back to school after a long and fun summer.  The art supplies were always my favorite, and a new box of crayolas could seduce me into even excitedly waiting for the looming school year.  Peechee folders, a clean new pencil case, and new fancy scissors were a hypnotic force of awesomeness.  Like 1stdibs for my 8-year-old self. 

So imagine my delight when I come across 500 Colored Pencils?  A colored pencil subscription service, for 20 months, awards you with 25 colored pencils each month packaged by hues with truly original names.

And while your collection of pencils grows, you may want to invest in their signature storage solutions, wherein your ever-growing collection can become an art installation.  Brilliant!

Fantastic.  Found on Elle Decor za via La Isla Blogita


Alicia B. Designs said...

OMG such an exciting post! I'm starting school back up again in the fall (lame i know) and i REALLY just want to go buy supplies. YAY colored pencils!


for the love of a house said...

absolutely brilliant!!

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