Jul 21, 2011

Is Convertible Furniture 'Unfortunate?'

There's something oddly quaint about convertible furniture, to me.  Which is funny because convertible furniture is usually complexly designed and even complicated to use.  Sometimes fresh and inventive, thought often absurd and tacky, furniture with two two two products in one! is certainly worth enjoying a bit today, non?  I'll stay mum on which pieces are Better and which are Unfortunate (remember I don't believe in Wrong vs. Right).  It's not hard to see which is which.

via Apartment Therapy
Ugh.  This looks cheaply made. I won't bother linking to where I found it because I don't want any of you birds buying this thing.
sneaky lil' stools via Kravet
clever.  and green.  via Oh Dee Doh
aahhahahaa! via Device Daily
via Tiny House Design
The week is almost over.  The oppressive heat is not.   How about we all sketch out a desk chair that converts to a swimming pool? And serves up icy cold watermelon mojitos by the pitcher.  Now that's a design challenge!


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Anonymous said...

I sort of like the orange couch/bunk bed, but think it would be a hassle to fold out/up every day/night. Does tht make you think less of me?

Give a hollar when you get a chance.

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