May 1, 2011

For the past few years I have been following dozens of terrific blogs.  Informative blogs, beautiful blogs, hilarious blogs and inspiring blogs.  Reading a few blog posts at the end of each day helps me wind down and get motivated for what's coming up tomorrow.

Starting my blog today is exciting.  I know I'm late in the game, since many of my favorite bloggers have been doing so since 2008, but I don't mind being the newbie.  I'm excited!

I've been busy.  Busy setting up my interior design business and juggling the live/work/play algorithm.  But I've been taking notes and taking pictures, which I'll share here.  Working in my client's homes to make their spaces more efficient and livable is a true joy and a privilege.  My clients rely on me to provide professional insight, a creative vision and get-'er-done work ethic.  Designers are a varied bunch, as is the breadth of work in this business, be it To-The-Trade supplied projects or e-design spaces.  The interior design industry is constantly changing and flexing within itself, coming up with new systems and sparking new trends.  We'll follow them here and discuss the options for making them yours, bringing them home.

I find inspiration for my designs everywhere and I develop my projects in many layers.  I love finding treasures for my projects, and I find these treasures all over the place, from the highest of high-end shops in Manhattan to the humble thrift shops in country towns.  I'll show you some of my favorite finds and we'll see what we can discover together.

Thank you for joining me here.  This is my blog.  Consider yourself at home. 


Donna said...

Looking forward to following your designing adventures...

Elisabeth said...

Yea! Can I come in? Do I need to take my shoes off?

pve design said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. May you enjoy the comaraderie here along with inspiration to create a wonderful home for yourself and others.
Be warned, bloggers are a passionate bunch who love to fuel the fires of other talented individuals!

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