May 17, 2011

Open Skies

It is raining like the Dickens in New York today.  Yes, I just said "like the Dickens."  We heard thunder that sounded like garbage trucks falling from the sky.  Maybe it's because I grew up in California during a decade of drought, but I'm really fascinated by heavy storms. They're a little scary but so intriguing.

Over the weekend, John and I happened upon a great gallery in Stonington, CT which featured the amazing art of Deborah Randall.  Her pieces focus on the great depth and palette of the sky.  Sometimes the sky can be moody and mean and sometimes it can be gracious and healing.  Ever since we saw her pieces last weekend, I can't get them out of my mind; her work is a little impressionistic and maybe even abstract, and could look either highly modern or soft and traditional, depending on the setting/framing/placement/etc.  Many of these pieces are very large in scale and would be show-stopping pieces in an interior.  Stunning, non?

All images via Deborah Randall Fine Art

Kiss the sky!

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