May 24, 2011

Rooftop Refuge

Having roof access or a terrace, by New York City standards, is big time.  If you can snag a property with this kind of airspace, you've made it.  Place some lovely yet durable outdoor furniture, pot some plants & trees, and you've got your very own Central Park atop your apartment building!  Heavenly!

Holy Green Growth!  image via Design Squish
via Kottke

Robin Key Landscape Design

I want to be here, now.  image via Martha Stewart

via Ruth Rogers, courtesy Flickr

via Just Terraces

via Design Squish.  Check out that rad dome on the building next door.

See that hedged skylihgt? And the steps leading up the the vegetable garden? Awesome.
image via FreshHome
A terrace is a gift.  Giselle agrees.  image via Vanity Fair

There are a few dozen choice rooftop/terrace bars and restaurants in New York, which get swarmed all summerlong, but to have one's own outdoor roof space??  That's the tops!

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