May 3, 2011

Natural Reaction

Schumacher announced the release of its Au Naturel collection.  Perfect for spring, the look of these fabrics are highly textural, only a little rustic, historically considerate and with a touch of nautical flair.  

The use natural-feeling surfaces in a room reinforces the human urge to touch.  Highly-tactile finishes lend well to interiors that are built for comfort.  What better way to create a relaxed atmosphere in a room thank to cover surfaces with cozy, comfortable fabrics?  You just want to touch and feel these soft and nubby materials!

Schumacher, as usual, nails the fine line between shabby and sophisticated with this Au Naturel line. The neutral color tones are lovely and perfect for layering.  It's all so quiet and simple, calming and soothing. 

Contact me if you want to purchase any of these stunning fabrics, trims or wallcoverings.  Some of my absolute favorites are shown below:

Hop on over to Schumacher and find your favorites!  

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