May 16, 2011

Beam Me Up

I grew up in a house with exposed beams.  I love exposed beams.  They nod to the elemental structure of the home, and they bring a stronger sense of the architecture into the room.  While the exposed beam can seem highly industrial or rudimentary, I think it is extremely chic. 

Julianne Moore's NYC townhouse got a ton of blog love beacuase of that
dramatic row of exposed beams in the kitchen.  Gorgeous. 

via Remodelista
Whether they're painted, polished or whitewashed, these beauties add a very unique character to a room. 

Great Scott!  via Pinterest; unknown origin

via Elle Decor

via Country Living
Ellen Pompeo's Home. via Elle Decor

via House Beautiful

Ina Garten's Kitchen.  via House Beautiful

unknown - email if you know the origin of this stunning image!

Tom's Scheerer's country house

Yes Sir!  via Tuscan House Interiors

via Lofts inside
(Audible gasp)  via Interiors France
via Sunset magazine
via Southern Accents
Beam me up! 

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Alicia B. Designs said...

UM when were you going to tell me you had a blog?? An awesome one at that.



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