May 23, 2011

RL You Listening?

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Ralph Lauren.  He’s more than just a clothing designer.  He’s more than just the Polo shirt.  He’s more than just Dylan (she of the Candy Bar) Lauren’s dad.  Ralph Lauren has been the master of marketing to every aspect of upscale elegant living for over 30 years.  Every seasonal collection is different but so elegant and of supreme design.  Rarely do you see a high end designer produce the number of different looks that Ralph has delivered.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Awarding Ralph Lauren the Legion d'honneur in 2010. 
image via Town & Country. I find this photo to be terribly cute. 
Call me sentimental, or typical, or preppy, but I love Ralph Lauren Home.  Despite a few bumps and dips (all that heavy Baroque-looking stuff never did it for me) they consistently pump out lovely, livable design.  And I’m all about livable design. 
Be it masculine pinstripes, feminine French, clean & modern, earthy lacquer, Western smart, coastal or country, the designers at RL seem to get it right everytime.

Elegant and chic. Polished and confident.  For years RL's Home line has been setting the bar of high end luxury.  And, let's not forget, brought themselves into the department stores in more attainable bedding and accessory lines, giving more and more consumers the opportunity to enjoy the signature look and opulence of the RL products.
Ralph Lauren and Polo have a strong alumni, designers who began their careers within the RL brand system. 
Thomas O'Brien

Thomas O'Brien

Scott Sanders

Aman & Carson.  image via Elle Decor

Scot Meacham Wood aka tartanscot

Steven Scarloff
I *still* haven't seen the interview Ralph did with Oprah's crew last week.  Raina graciously covered it for Curbed.  I need to see footage of those teepees!  Heading over to


Scot Meacham Wood said...


Thank you so much for including me in such a amazing line-up!


Kathysue said...

I love RL and his interview with Oprah was priceless. He is such a mega talent with such humility and the love he shows for his family gained a whole new respect in my book. What a design icon!! Kathysue

Gilded Age Lover said...

I too have always had a soft spot for Ralph Lauren. Not only an incomparable designer covering an amazing range of genre's, but a really great person.

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