May 11, 2011

Let There Be Light!

We are nearly completing the installation of a year-long renovation project with a wonderful client who hates table lamps.  Yep, she hates table lamps.  Floor lamps too, but especially table lamps.  Such a distaste has been very difficult for me to comprehend.  Table lamps are our friends!  Their light reflects at eye-level which makes our skin look more radiant, our wrinkles disappear, and our magazines so much easier to read!  They serves as task lighting and provide ambient light for overall visual clarity.  They can be minimal & simple or decorative showstoppers in your room.  Table lamps are the bees knees.  Any style or type you wish is available and ready to make your room better and brighter.

There are tripod lamps
Hinson - # HL4240

And there are glass lamps
Regina Andrew Baha Blue Glass Lamp
Regina Andrew - Baha Blue Glass Lamp

Gourd lamps
Jonathan Adler - Wood Gourd Lamp
And Artisan lamps
Kyle's killer cloisonné lamp by Jamie Young. image via Knight Moves
Chunky lamps
Stray Dog Designs - Elizabeth Glass Lamp

And skinny lamps
Marley Iron Lamp
Arteriors - Marley Iron Lamp

Retro ones
Pieces Inc. - Arched Lucite Lamp

And modern ones
Lite Source LS - 20785 Rafiki - Table Lamp
Rafiki Table Lamp

Country lights
Pioneer Table Lamp
Currey and Company - Pioneer Table Lamp

And city lights 
Ralph Lauren - Edwin Pedestal Lamp
Good lighting is the key to any interior.  You can have the finest furnishings and construction, but if it's poorly lit - all from overhead sources - you're doing a disservice to your beautiful belongings.  Lighting at every level eliminates shadows and creates ambiance.  Table lamps of all shapes and sizes can be invaluable to the vibe of your decor.  Happy homes have lamps.  Period.  I see the light.  Do you?
Lights, Camera, Action!

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