May 27, 2011

Fiddle Me This....

When my House Beautiful mag arrived in my mailbox this week, I saw Ken Fulk's lovely room on the cover with a happy little fiddle leaf fig tree on a table behind the sofa.  "Another fiddle leaf fig!" I exclaimed.  These beautiful trees are very popular in the design world and have been popping up everywhere lately, including my own projects.  Way prettier than a ficus, and funkier than a palm, the fiddle leaf fig is a cheery, chic and natural addition to a room.
Ken Fulk for House Beautiful, June 2011

Chloe Warner

Burnham Design

Robert McArthur via Alice Lane blog

Brian Park

via Domino

via Elle Decor

It's alive! via Elle Decor

Whitney Interior Design

Grant K. Gibson

via Rue

Tim Clarke

unknown origin

via Style at Home

via Table Tonic

Ficus lyrata, called the fiddle-leaf fig because of its violin-shaped leaves, produces both tree and bush forms. The large, veiny emerald green leaves can grow up to 15 inches long.  These plants do well if they have good light, evenly moist growing media, and frequent feeding.  They can fill in a lonely corner or brighten an otherwise flat plane.  They bring nature into a room and serve as happy, live accessories.  Find a mature fig tree at your local nursery and liven up your room this weekend!

You dig, fig?

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