Jun 22, 2011

What's Rad? Rowley and Reed + Rader

The fashion designer Cynthia Rowley revealed her resort collection today.  The collection's presentation has been elevated to a creative swell with the help of Brooklyn progressive artists / photographers / graphic magicians / meowzas Reed + Rader.  See it today on StyleCaster

Have you ever seen the photos of Rowley's NYC home?  Elle Decor featured her townhouse in 2008, and her gilded piano still sticks out my my brain.  It's hollow, plastic-lined, and serves as an ice bucket.  Seriously haute.

all images Elle Decor, 2008
 I think Cynthia Rowley's designs are fabulous, and have always thought she was just so damn cool.  Then I saw this video on Sytlelikeu and now I know she is just so damn cool. 


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