Jun 22, 2011

A Very Versatile Cabinet

I have been eyeing this Cerulean Display Case from Gump's for a few months.  I've always loved Gump's.  As a kid, my parents would take me there on holiday shopping excursions in SF and I'd oogle at all the treasures until they dragged me out of there.  A shopper from the start!

This case is super versatile, don't you see?  Use it as a china hutch in your dining room, a cabinet for cookbooks in the kitchen, a display case on the living room or a toy & book cabinet in the nursery.  The drawers can hold anything that you need to stash.

The foundation of the style is Asian, but I might tweak it a little bit with new hardware (perhaps crystal knobs instead of aged brass pulls?), if the room called for such a tweak.  The rubbed black lacquer is so warm and lovely, but its the cerulean inside the cabinet that's the star of this piece. 

Thinking about cerulean now.  Makes me think of this scene, which was quite funny... I love the way she says "stuff" as if it hurts her mouth.

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