Jun 24, 2011

A Quick Thrift Spin

Earlier this week I was running some errands on the Upper East Side, and went into a few of my go-to thrift haunts.  Housing Works almost always shines in the second-hand store category, and these sightings did not disappoint.  I favor the Housing Works on 77th Street off Third Ave, but have had very good luck at the Grammercy and Chelsea locations, too.

A delightful and versatile rocker bench.  I'd sand it down, paint it a glossy navy and put it in a child's room

An immaculate set of bentwood chairs.  Bentwood chairs!  These are for sale through HW's auction site.

Um, not sure that this is an operable gas mask, but it might be a cool, punk decor accessory in the right room, no?

A huge leather case, in perfectly-worn-and-loved condition. Only catch? The latch was locked shut and the combination unknown.  The photo is shoddy, but it was a beautiful saddle color.
After I left Housing Works -- empty-handed, amazingly! -- I walked to Thriffany on First Ave.  Yes that's such an absurd name but I can't stop thinking about it when I'm in their shop, so at least its catchy.  Their selection is varied but such is the case with most thrift shops.  The thrill of the hunt is most of the fun. 

This pair of portaits caught my eye. 

And by 'catching my eye,' I mean that I wanted to buy insurance from them.

This vintage brass banquet server was cool. 

A huge burlwood dresser.  Marked down to $225, which is crazy, but they'd likely take half that.

And during my walk between Housing Works and Thriffany, I saw this old lady hanging out over her window ledge watching me like a ... wait, that's not an old lady! That's a pit bull!

Only in New York...

All these photos were taken with my crummy Blackberry.  On that note, I'm in the market for a new camera.  A legitimate camera which I will respect & love as the investment that it shall be.  But I know very little about fancy cameras.  What kind of shooter do you use and/or recommend??  I'm anxiously awaiting your ideas & advice!

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