Jun 3, 2011

Jewels Rules

I have kept my jewelry in a clear plastic fishing tackle box for years.  I keep my earrings, rings and small necklaces in it, with bracelets and necklaces tucked alongside it in the top drawer of my dresser. But lately, this setup is just not cutting it anymore. I have too much chunky jewelry that won't fit in the drawer, and I have lots of stud earrings that are hard to find every morning.  I'm likely to have the same complaints of a traditional jewelry box or a standing case, so I'd like something a little different but highly organized. I took to the blogsphere for help in finding a better alternative to my tackle box, and lo and behold, there are many clever ideas out there for jewelry storage and tidy organization.

A repurposed, highly sculptural branch.  Pretty, but definitely not for me.  I'll get everything tangled within a week. 

A thrifted frame, painted and backed with pegboard.  via DIY Life

Vintage wooden box, thread spool and paint will make this piece.  via Shelterness
Lauren tacked her necklaces over a chair in her bedroom.  Cute!

from SterlingWine.  You could easily make this yourself.  Just collect all your wine corks for a few months and make this wall hanging board with a few ribbons and buttons.

My favorite: a vintage printing drawer repurposed as a tidy and sculptural jewelry cubby rack. Find one via Blue Bird Heaven on Etsy.

Unusual.  A grill tray propped up to hold your baubles.  via Apartment Therapy
Huge pegboard.  Many sunglasses.  The mannequin is a nice touch.  unknown source.
An old window frame makes for a statement piece on a blank wall.  via The Borrowed Abode
Frame it up!  A few frames and corkboard makes for tidy vignettes but easy access.  via 33 shades of Green

How do you store your jewelry?

1 comment:

Elvira said...

Looks nice!
I wish I will at last organize mine jewellery one day!

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