Oct 11, 2011

Yes, Sir.

Did you hear that Garden & Gun has an online shop?!?!

I've long loved Garden & Gun, a lifestyle magazine grounded in the heart of Southern living.  It's not just about hunting and weedwhacking, despite the title.  The all about the magic of the new South - sporting culture, food, music, art, architecture, literature, music, people, and ideas.  My husband and I fight over first dibs at the issue when it arrives in our mailbox.  It's a lovely magazine, beautifully edited and in such a rich matte paperstock that your hands love to hold.

Soon after G&G sucessfully opened up their online retail space, they teamed up with a few designers to create an honorable little inventory of exclusive items inspired by the magazine.  Check out G&G Exclusives here

What a great site to shop for gifts for the Southerners (or the wannabe Southerners!) in your life!
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