Oct 18, 2011

Set of Art Sales

Our friends over at One Kings Lane are emptying out their curated collections of art for the sake of beautifying our walls.  Lucky us!
The sales are separated into great categories: Collector's Pieces, Modern Masters, Emerging Artists, as well as collections by the photographer Massimo Vitali and black-and-white prints from the William Stafford Gallery.  Check out the sales and see if you can acquire something new for your collection. 
Not a member of One Kings Lane?  Click here for your personal invitation from me. xo.

Alexander Calder, Bubbles

Judith Gigliotti, Trees at Dusk, Sienna

Mia Henry, Revival, Canvas

Michael Weeks, Pony Painter

Massimo Vitali, Rosignano Diptych

Roberta Pinna, Diver III

Sassoon Kosian, Mesmerize Orange

Pablo Picasso, War and Peace

Bernard Buffet, Papillon Rouge et Jaune

Chagall, Rachel Hides
At these prices, it would be silly to pass up the opportunity to add some interesting and stimulating pieces to your collection.  If you don't have a 'collection,' this is the perfect opportunity to start one.  It's amazing what some lovingly-chosen art pieces can do for personalizing your home.  Happy shopping!


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Karena said...

Whitney thank you so much for featuring this wonderful art event! Everyone can start with one piece you really love or add to their collection.!!

Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

Art by Karena

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