Oct 26, 2011

Mwa-Ha-Ha-Ha House

the crazy house
That pretty flowering vine doesn't make this house any less scary looking.
 I haven't done a 'wacky home' post in a while, but when I saw this Vietnamese house I knew it would be perfect for Halloween week!  This is the Hang Nga Guesthouse in Dalat, Vietnam.  It's commonly called The Crazy House because, well, look at it. 

the crazy house

The base of the guesthouse was built to resemble a giant tree, but I think it looks more like a scary horror multi-faced ghoul tree than a friendly treehouse. Unexpected twists and turns rule the home's layout, with tiny rooms in some areas and huge rooms in others where organically-shaped windows, and stone-carved animals statues litter the house.

Don't know about you, but I'm getting a strong inside-of-a-human-lung vibe in from the interior.  Yikes.

the crazy house

Built in 1990 by Dang Viet Nga, the daughter of a former President of Vietnam, The Crazy House attracted much public attention upon its completion. She willingly opened the house to the public for tours of the randomly-scaled rooms, weird statues and odd staircases.  I'd bet it would be an awesome place to film one of those absurd ghost chasing shows.  Zoikes!


Enjoy the rest of this SPOOKY week! 

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