Oct 5, 2011

Back In It To Win It

My blogging fell off the face of the Earth, as did I.  But I'm back.  And Planet Earth has never felt better and looked more beautiful than than this week.  The crisp cool(er) air of early autumn finally strutted into New York and everyone has a subsequent smile on their face.  The hot soggy month of September did a number on our spirits and our footwear, but a slight weather change has made a huge difference in morale.
Pretty parade of clouds over NYC early Monday morning. 
Photo by the incredibly talented Inga Sarda-Sorensen via Twitter
 Whitney Interior Design had a busy September, in Kentucky followed by Massachusetts, working with wonderful clients and their lovely homes.  I promised photos of the thrifty n' fast Lexington bedroom redecoration, and I'll be posting those later this week.  {Had to teach myself how to tweak some of the photos in post-edit.}  Photos of some victorious organizing projects in Cambridge will be posted soon, too. 

In the meantime....
  • Ellen & Portia's place is pretty mint.  Did you see the shoe closet? I wuv it.
  • I somehow missed on my blogroll that this famous blogger is with child #5!  A million trillion congratulations to this wonderful woman and her Mr.
  • Do you think that I would attend this solely for access to that amazing house? You bet your a$$.
  • Are you kidding me with all the patina & texture & sexiness of this room?!?!
  • I frequently re-read this post because, well, I need a ferocious giggle to get me through a rough patch.
  • Jenny of MFAMB started abstract painting, which it seems like everyone is doing all of a sudden.  I like really really reeeeeally like these.
  • Need a good housewarming/thank you gift?  Find these little beauties at various retailers. I saw them at Gracious Home in tons of prints/patterns and bet the votive jar would be wonderfully reused as a bud vase when the candle is burned through.    

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