Nov 4, 2011

Um, Yum?

Sometimes, I think I'd like to make my prized-turkey more prize-like.  And I'll bet a golden delicious apple would be better if it was actually golden?

A team of Germans culinary geeks apparently thought the same thing, and developed edible spay paint in metallic colors.  No Joke.

This is by no means whatsoever an endorsement for this product.  I have never tried this product and don't know if the FDA is side-eyeing it or not.  But when I saw it I simply had to blog about the bizarreness.  It's a concept that is both delightful and terrifying. 

According to reveiws, the spray contains only a few ingredients, including ethyl alcohol and numerous food colorings depending on the color. The spray's producer, The Deli Garage, promises that the paint is completely tasteless, and will do nothing but enhance the appearance of your dish.

I might foresee using the product in prop-styling or maybe with certain food-specific crafts (like gingerbread houses!).  But somehow the idea of drowning a perfectly good food item in a "harmless" chemical spray paint seems a little foodie-sacrilege.  I mean, Julia Child would clutch her pearls, no?

photos via Geekosystem and Deli Garage

The product, called 'Food Finish' won't be selling in the USA for a while, but it seems like you can order from the Deli Garage website.  Just watch out for your teeth.  Happy spraying.


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