Nov 15, 2011

Simple Living Series: The Unfolding Apartment

When I read about this built-in cabinetry piece that creates 4 unique 'rooms' in a studio apartment, I assumed that I would dislike the space.  As a humble traditionalist, I tend to lean towards more overt solutions with space management.  Many modern space-conscious designs, in my opinion, look cheap, rickety (for more on this, see my thoughts on Convertible Furniture), and extremely tacky.
But, this built-in unit works so well that the functionality of it makes it chic.  As if, through an ingenious mixture of geeky engineering and wild creativity, this guy's apartment became the James Bond of apartments. 

It's a long video, but totally worth watching if you're interested in Small Space Living and brilliant space planning. 

            via NY Daily News

Maybe, it would be better nicknamed the Inspector Gadget of apartments.  "Go, Go, Gadget Bed!"


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