Nov 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

One of my favorite real estate blogs, Curbed, posted last week about the huge boom in vacant real estate in Aspen.  I slobbered over the listings shown, then did some more estate snooping for myself, expanding my search a smidge out of the Aspen territory.  Look at these gems.  Makes you want to go skiing, doesn't it?

The Aspen Valley Ranch, available for a cool $59M

Benchmark Drive, available for $18.25M

Aspen Highlands, available for $11M 

Starwood Estate, available for $8.5M

Elk Crossing, available for $39.9M

Autumn Ridge, available for $14.9M

Brrrrrrrrrr.....  Although some of these homes look more like resort hotels than single-family residences, I can't help myself but start to fantasize about decorating them.  We often see mountain homes dolled up in overly-kitschy theme decor.  You know what I mean; moose antlers for chandeliers, logs for banister railings, and Navajo + plaid fabrics everywhere.  Thursday We'll see some mountain homes done right, with a only hint of the kitsch. 

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