Aug 25, 2011

Yes, Please

Imho, that chunky wood floor lamp behind the table is not-so-much. 

Those fresh designers over at Jonathan Adler have officially retired Chinese porcelain stool and replaced it with a similarly silhouetted item but in a whole new package: the Brass Ulu Table.  Any may I just say YES, PLEASE sir!  The brass brings sparkle, structure and weight.  The free form, liquid-like element to the punctures in the hollow design are a tad Dali-esque.  These are extremely versatile and I guarantee I'll be using one or two in some upcoming projects.

 I'm leaning towards the concave, but either would make a happy little addition to any room.  Put it next to a velvety upholstered chaise for a tea cup and a book.  Put a pair the on each side of your front door with small boxwoods atop.  Drop one next to the tub for a little brass in your bath.


1 comment:

kelly@tearinguphouses said...

i like the concave, but i REALLY like that rug it's on.

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