Aug 10, 2011

Simple Living: Minuscule in Manhattan

This architect DEFINES minimal living.  I applaud his dedication to a tidy, organized and well-edited home.  His resourcefulness and handy construction work are commendable.  He says he loves the Midtown location of this closet home.  He's willing to live with very little privacy and comfort in the name of efficiency.  But is his willingness worth it? 

It's no lie that Manhattan apartments are typically overpriced, but I find this to be a disgusting example of thievery in urban real estate.  Just look at the work he had to do to make this place livable. 

When I first moved to NYC in 2002, I lived in a basement studio apartment on the Upper Westside.  It was small and perfect for a single girl with little money and few belongings.  I was paying 60% more than this fella pays with 449% more space.  I had my own bathroom. I had counter space in a tiny kitchen.  There was a stove. I had room for a full-size bed AND a chair.   I lived 30 blocks north of where this guy lives.  The fact that he's paying so much to live in a space so little seems inflated even to me, a jaded Manhattanite. 

What do you think?  Is the desire to live in a prime location worth sacrificing one's sense of personal space & comfort? 


1 comment:

Whitney said...

Michael K is Dlisted said it best when he said "Call me a spoiled b*tch, but I'm way too old to be smelling someone else's sh*t fumes while I'm getting a glass of water from the shared bathroom sink."

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