Dec 13, 2011

Up In The Season

I've been caught up in the Season of Christmas, hence my absence from the blog.  Between nursing a three-and-a-half-week-long head cold (three and a half weeks, people!) and managing the shopping/wrapping/sending gift mission and, oh yeah, work, I've neglected CYAH for over a week.  Shame on me.

But I come back bearing gifts... FREE printable gift tags for your holiday gifts.  There are many artistic, crafty and downright adorable bloggers & artists on the web who have generously provided their art for free download this season.  So why buy those tiny sticker tags or pricey cardstock options when you can print them out for free on your own paper at home?  Any of these will add an extra crafty panache to your gifts this year.

 Baking Labels and Gift Tags from Crafty Carnival
Free printable tags from Insightful Nana
Christmas Tags from Yoonie At Home
Holiday Gift Tags from Nina Seven

Gift Tags & Wine Bottle Tags from Alpha Mom
Botantical Tags from West Elm
Gift Tags from Brunte Productions
from the delightful Sarah Hearts, Free DIY Gift Tag Template
Holiday Labels from Orange You Lucky

Blue Gift Tags from Totally Severe
Typographic Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic
Holiday Tags from Blush Printables

Happy wrapping and happy gift-giving!

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