May 2, 2011

Beautiful Bentwood

Bentwood furniture is classic simple design.  The famed Model 14 chair is the iconic Parisian cafe seat, evoking poetic charm in its very essence.  Its style and timelessness provide a base of history and a whimsical flair to rooms. 
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The chairs look great in kitchens thanks to their famed presence in the dining rooms and cafes in Europe for the past century and a half.  The bentwood silhouette lends well to a room with even weight distribution.  The lightness of the chairs can help to even out a hefty table, a blocky island, a huge hearth.  They look great painted, stained or unprimed and rough.  They're lightweight and can move around a room, or a house, when company comes and you need an extra seat somewhere.  The look lends a historical nod and a contemporary flair at the same time. 
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Colourful Interior Design
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Designed by Michael Thonet in 1859 post-Bauhaus Germany, the Model 14 bentwood chair is one of the world's most successful commercial products. The company is noted for successfully implementing the first industrial-scale production processes wherein individual craftsmen were replaced with machinery that allowed any worker to produce accurate and repeatable bent components. The bentwood furniture industry changed the economics of the Industrial Revolution in Austria and Germany.  This is a powerful little chair. 

A Thonet bentwood chair consists of only six components and are still produced by the same factory Gebrüder Thonet founded in Moravia in the 19th century.  By using the power of steam to flex tubular wood sections of solid wood, Thonet could bend the pieces together in furniture shapes and dry the forms to hold its shape through decades of use.  The design has remained virtually unchanged for nearly 150 years and is still manufactured today by the Gebrüder Thonet company.  (btw, it's pronounced TONE-AY, not Thawn-it)

Though the Bentwood café chair is the most famous of bentwood furniture, the variations are of shapes and styles are endless.  The subjects below are simply outstanding.

Love this bench.  image via CasaSugar

A bentwood bed?  Yes please.
image via MattersofStyle

Bentwood cradle.  image via wiki
I see you, Mr. Side Table.  image via Domino

Antique rocker looks at home in modern room.  image unknown
Bentwood loves patio time.  image via Elle Decor

a terrific chair, wouldn't you agree?

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pve design said...

What a beautiful collection of chairs and interiors using this classic.
It seems to be at home everywhere.

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